• No loss of light output after stabilisation. Each LED flood light provides 31000 effective lumens after stabilisation (IES standard - LM 79-08). Photometric Light Plo based on testing paramaters confidently state that the light output will match field testing.
  • 2cyl, 3cyl or 4cyl engine
  • Extra low voltage (DC). OH&S risk elimination
  • Stabilised power consumption of the LED is 300W nominal
  • 4 x 300W High Density Area Diffusor Optical Lenses design by Depar to let the lamps produce 115,000 lumens.
  • Refuel every 40hr operation.
  • More than 16t annual carbon footprint reduction per tower compared with metal halide equivalent
  • Total Control System
  • Complete plug and play system with no hard wired componentry makes for easy part and loom servicing or replacement
  • 50,000hrs of life per light
  • 600hr service intervals
  • Light Instant-on (no warm-up/cool down) STANDARD EQUIPMENT


BASELED06-4LED10 Diesel Lichtturm 10m 4x300W LED 120.000lm